Brenda Foxx

I am a Florida native and have lived in Brevard for almost 20 years. I have had many adventures in my life so far. I am a former Ms. Florida (1st runner up to Ms. United States). I have been on tv, hosted many events including New York Fashion week, had a show on Facebook, traveled this great country, and even was a main character in a country music video. I guess I started off as a city girl growing up in Tampa, although I am a country girl at heart. Radio brought me to the Space Coast but the people and the area are why I stayed.

I never thought radio was in my career path when I first started. I wanted to be a host to co-host on tv. Well, I got the chance to intern at a radio station and BOOM I got the bug as they say. I had the chance to work with some of the best in the radio business and am very grateful for all I have had a chance to learn and still get to do.  

When I am not on the air, I have a few 4-wheelers, a vintage 1973 Harley motorcycle, RV and enjoy being in the mountains whenever I can. I love antiquing, buy and sell them, and I have an Estate Sale company. I am always watching documentaries and my son, and I have a large NASA/Space collection. I guess you can say I am obsessed with collecting it. I also purchased over 7000 vinyl albums. But being a mom of a teenager, three dog kids, and one cat keeps me busy.

I want to thank my family and especially my son Evan for always letting me reach for and touch my dreams no matter how crazy of an adventure it is. As always thanks for the support.

I guess you could say I am a people person; so please feel free to reach out anytime [email protected] or if you see me out and about come by and say Hi


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