Tim McGraw Recalls a “Turning Point” Christmas in His Life

Tim McGraw Recalls a “Turning Point” Christmas in His Life

People remember Christmases in their life for various reasons, but if you ask Tim McGraw to tell you about his most memorable, he’ll probably share one from when he was around 11-years old.

It was that Christmas that Tim lists as a “turning point” in his life…it was the year his mom gave him a little more responsibility.

Tim explains, “I think one thing that I remember as a kid that was sort of a turning point for me growing up for me is, I grew up with my mom and my two sisters.  I remember being, I don’t know, probably 11 years old or so and my mom asking me to put together a doll house for my sisters.  And that was the first time that I actually got to participate and, like, be the man of the house with my mom and put together all the Christmas stuff for my sisters.  And that was sort of a big graduating to a  young man, in my eyes, thing for me.”

While he’s probably not going to build any doll houses this year, both Tim and Faith Hill are very happy to have their 3 daughters all under the same roof, as this year is Tim and Faith’s first as “empty nesters” since their youngest daughter is now in college.

To celebrate everyone being home, Tim got the biggest Christmas tree ever! He shared pictures of the decorating process on social media…


Rockefeller Center called and said they want their tree back.

Between welcoming daughters home and decorating the tree, Tim also had time to give his fans a little present, and a thank you for all they did for him in 2020, by releasing his version of “It Wasn’t His Child.”

Check out his performance of the song from this year’s CMA Country Christmas special.

Photo courtesy of Big Machine Records

Additional photos courtesy of Tim McGraw


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