Brad Paisley’s Home Studio Is the Fanciest Dog House Around

Brad Paisley’s Home Studio Is the Fanciest Dog House Around

Over the last year and a half a lot of people have learned the positives and negatives of working from home.

Brad Paisley was a little bit a head of the working at home curve when he turned part of his property on his farm in Tennessee into a studio where he has made his music.

So, for Brad, who has admitted to being a bit of a workaholic – is the home studio a blessing or a curse? “Blessing, totally a blessing honestly because I’m not sure I would work any less if we didn’t have this, I just would be farther away. So I’m here and I’m able to be home in a moment’s notice for dinner or anything else or a skinned up knee or whatever I’m needed for.”

Brad’s home studio isn’t just the place where he goes to create great country music, like his new song “Off Road”, but his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley had another observation about the studio on their property, “My wife said, I built a dog house down here for me for when I’m in trouble. She’s like ‘you almost got it nicer than our house at this point,’ which is good.”

Straight from Brad’s fancy dog house, this is his latest single at country radio…

Photo Credit: Jeff Lipsky


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