Cody Johnson Adds Tour Dates Going Into Playing Mile High with Luke Combs

Cody Johnson Adds Tour Dates Going Into Playing Mile High with Luke Combs

Heading into his shows this weekend – including playing Empower Field at Mile High in Denver with Luke CombsCody Johnson has just announced 22 new concert dates for this fall.

Cody has played every size stage there is…from club shows, to arenas, to Rodeo Houston, to stadiums…but it doesn’t matter where he steps out to perform because you are going to get the same effort every time from him.

As far as his philosophy to playing concerts, Cody says “Leave nothing behind. We play this show like it’s the last show we’re ever going to play…this is the show we get remembered for. I hit the stage with the exact same mentality and the exact same intensity every single night, because we’re not guaranteed tomorrow, so it’s like you gotta go out there and you gotta play it like it’s the last one. You gotta play it with the same intensity as if you’re never going to get to do it again.”

That’s not to say that Cody doesn’t enjoy all the work paying off, “Now, after the fact we can be like ‘man, that was cool’ but when you’re in the moment…you’re like, leave no doubt, leave nothing behind, make sure they remember your name.”

A lot of people are remembering Cody Johnson’s name as his hit song “‘Til You Can’t” continues to be one of the biggest hits on country radio.

Fans are still talking about the impactful music video too…

Photo Courtesy of Cody Johnson


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